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Skyhawks Pay it Forward!

At our December 2019 Meeting, the club members voted to take up a collection for a sister club in South Carolina that had lost its flying field and was in need of funds to build a new one. Our members passed a can and donated $130, which the club matched to make a total donation of $260 to send to the West Carolina RC Skyhawks.

Here is the Thank You letter we received from their President:

From: Joe Duncan Sent: Friday, January 10, 2020 12:57 PM To: Subject: RE: Donation

Hi Rick,

We just wanted to send a special thank you to The Wolverine Skyhawks Club for your $260.00  generous donation we received in the mail. Thank you for considering our project worthy. It is our goal to be able to “Pay It Forward” in the future to another struggling club in need of assistance. Your help will indeed touch many lives now and many years to come!

In reading your letter I see where you guys may lose your field next year. I hope you guys can work something out with the county. Please keep us informed on your situation!

We would like to give you and your membership a standing invitation to visit and fly with us anytime you might be in our area. I say this; because we are about 25 miles from Triple Tree Aerodrome and they have several programs during the year, it may be that some of your members may attend one of Triple Tree events, we welcome your members to stop in and visit and fly with us as our guest at their leisure.


Joe Duncan, WCRC President

Field Progress Link:

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