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                BECOME A MEMBER

                                        Why should I join a club?

  • Be with other people who enjoy the hobby and share information and experiences.

  • Keep abreast of the latest news in the hobby.

  • Club discounts at local hobby shops.

  • Fields where you can fly.

  • Instructors to help you learn to fly safely.  

                                             How do I Join?

Club Dues- Dues pay for field rental and maintenance, club events and picnics, mailings, and other club expenses.

                                            Full Membership

                                     ( Requires AMA Membership)

  • Yearly dues renewals are $70,but are discounted to $60 if paid before January 31.

  • New members - One time membership fee of $25.00.  This is waived for new members under 19 years of age.

  • First year dues are prorated on the following schedule:

  • January - June                            $60.00 ($30.00 Junior)  

  • July - August                              $50.00 ($ 25.00 Junior)

  • Sept. – December                        $60.00 (Full dues applied to next year) 

                                     Associate Membership

   ( Requires AMA Membership and Full Membership of another AMA club)

  • This membership is for individuals that are already members in good standing with another AMA club, but would also like to fly at Wolverine Skyhawks fields and/or participate in club activities.

  • This is a non-voting membership.

  • Associate members may not invite non-members to fly with them as guests.

  • Yearly dues are $40.00  ( New Associate members that join after Sep.1 will have full dues applied to next year)

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