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Wolverine Skyhawks Club Field Rules

AMA Charter #1514



1.   You must be a current A.M.A. member and follow the A.M.A. safety code (The Academy of Model Aeronautics)


2.   ( 72 Mhz) Your A.M.A. card with the club identification sticker  must be posted at the frequency board while flying.


3.   ( 72 Mhz)  You must have in your possession, the frequency pin covering your radio frequency before turning on your transmitter and you must have your transmitter’s frequency identified with numbers visible on the antenna


4.   Parking – All vehicles (including trailers) shall be parked so that the South facing bumper does not extend over (South of) the“Bumper Line” (In-line with the shelter’s center support posts) *


5.   There is to be no flying over the pit area or behind the flight line. The“Flight Line” is defined as a line extending indefinitely in both directions along the North edge of the fabric runway.


6.   Mufflers are required on all 2 cycle motors larger than .051 cubic inch and all motor noise is to be kept as low as possible. < 96 db @ 20’


7.   There is to be no noise before 9:00 AM .  ( Sunday – 10 AM) All flying shall cease by 9 PM .  Noise being defined as fuel powered aircraft.  Electric and rubber power is OK.


8.   No alcoholic beverages at the field.


9.   The driveway speed limit is defined as slow enough to keep the dust to a minimum. 


10. Always practice courtesy and gentlemanly behavior.


11. There is to be no power taxiing into the pit area.



            *On Special Event Occasions, “ie;Airshows”, EZ-UP style tents/shelters shall be set up behind the “Bumper Line” with vehicles behind the shelters.










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