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Skyhawks Fly at Lake Ultimate!

I want to thank all of the Skyhawks and fellow AMA club members that volunteered to represent the club and our hobby at the 2019 Ultimate Sport Show.

We had 13 club members that helped "man" the booth. Wayne Mills (from WMRAF) Jon VanBaren and Warner Shultz (from Warped Wings), and David Kling (from Port City RC) joined us entertaining the crowd at Lake Ultimate.

Here is a video of John VanBaren skillfully flying his Quasar 3D on floats at Lake Ultimate.

Here is another video of Wayne Mills and Eric Pipenger flying over Lake Ultimate. David Kling captured this video on Sunday. He also got several flights in, but we didn't get video of it this year.

Thanks to the AMA for providing us with brochures, and AMA logo items to hand out to the crowd. We also handed out 6 lbs. of Tootsie Rolls over the weeekend!

The "Timber" was a little to big for flying indoors, but was quite a hit running around on the lake above the fish. Warner had his RC tugboat floating around the lake for "rescues", and also entertained the crowd by sharing the view from its FPV camera to a set of goggles so everyone could "ride along"

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