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Indoor Flying

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

We have experienced some bitter cold weather here in the last few weeks. Many days it has been below zero (F). We are fortunate to have use of a beautiful climate controlled facility that we can use to fly our smaller electric aircraft in the winter! Every Tuesday and Friday morning from 9AM until 1 PM, MSA Woodland Sports allows "Drop-In" Flyers for a $5 per pilot fee. We work around their schedule. Some days we fly in the turf soccer fields, and others we fly on the open courts in the basketball arena. Occasionally we are able to schedule sessions on Saturdays for those that can't make it during the week. Greg at West Michigan Park Flyers also schedules Friday evening sessions once a month at Grandville Middle School. See our Calendar or Agenda for current dates and times!


In the video above, John Streyle maidens his new "Twirl", which is a unique adaption using autogyro aerodynamics. For a first flight, everything went exceptionally well! Location - MSA Woodland, Video by Eric Pipenger.

More info and plans - here:

Build video - here:


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