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Rainy Day Projects?

It is a good time to get to the workshop and make those repairs that you have been putting off! Check your models over good after the winter break, cycle your batteries, etc.. How long has it been since you inspected your fuel lines (Especially the clunk line in your tank) ? A good inspection today may prevent you from having a "bad day" later. Some other things you might consider checking:

Radio Control System

___ Servos – Check that they are mounted securely to the R/C plane.

___ Servo horns – Properly screwed to the servos.

___ Receiver – Check that it is mounted securely. Make sure antenna(s) properly oriented and secured.

___ On/Off Switch – Make sure it is functioning properly. Old switches can fail and lose connection.

___ Verify that all servo and power leads are properly seated in the receiver.

___ Battery(s) – Assure fully charged.(before flight) Verify with tester.

___ Assure battery is securely mounted in fuselage.

___ Check condition of transmitter antenna.

___ Verify voltage of battery(s) in transmitter.

Landing Gear

___ Check landing gear mounts are secure.

___ Inspect wheels. Secured, but should spin freely.

___ Check if any landing gears are bent or damaged.

___ Verify front wheel steers straight. (If taildragger, verify that wheel is aligned with rudder.)

Engine / Motor / Propeller

___ Tighten all engine/motor mount screws.

___ Verify muffler is secured, and fuel tank vent line (if needed) is securely attached.

___ Check glow or spark plug. Replace if old or damaged.

___ Check propeller for cracks or damage and balance. Replace as needed.

___ Tighten propeller nut.

___ Check spinner condition and tightness.


___ Check fuel tank for leaks. Fill with fuel.

___ Check fuel lines for leaks, kinks, or blockages.

___ Verify fuel tank is secured in aircraft.

___ Verify fuel filter is clean.

___ Verify fuel is fresh and clean.


___ Make sure all hinges on control surfaces are glued/pinned securely in place

___ Put your identification on or in your aircraft. Name/ phone# / AMA# / FAA#.

___ Check pushrods and control horns are securely connected. Retainers attached as needed.

___ Check that control surface deflections are appropriate for aircraft and surfaces are “neutral” .

Check these things now so that you can enjoy that "perfect" flying day coming soon

Fly Safely!

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