Nov 10, 2017

Liberty XL

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I bought this a year ago during the Labor Day Show at Cedar Springs. hopefully I can get out and fly it indoors with you guys. I added the gear from an old GWS plane that I had laying around. I didn’t glue the wire in so I can remove it for grass flying.




Nov 10, 2017

It is a nice flying plane! You'll like it!

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  • Built 2 oldies but goodies this winter. My first RC plane was a Falcon Jr. with a Babe Bee .049, covered in silk and dope. This was 1966! My dad was a Ham operator so he decided to build the transmitter on 6 meters and we purchased a Citizenship receiver to activate the rubber powered escapement, probably a Bonner. The transmitter had tubes and ran off an inverter, all to send a simple tone when one button was pushed. Well, the Tx never worked well and max range ended up being about 50 yards. So I ended up flying it free flight one spring day over a farmers plowed field. Plane flew great. Started up in a nice circle and ran for about 3 minutes. Trouble started when after the engine quit, it kept climbing higher. Got into a thermal and that was the last I saw of it until the next fall when the farmer called to tell me it had be found over a mile away. Good thing I had a phone number on it. So, couldn't locate a Falcon Jr. to build but saw the 56 on Ebay and was fortunate enough it didn't get to expensive. Hope this one doesn't fly away! My first successful RC was a Sig Kadet I built in 1973 while in the Navy in Puerto Rico. I purchased and built a Heathkit 3 channel for this Kadet. After leaving the Navy and when I had a few extra $$ I built a Midwest Strikemaster as my first 4 channel plane. I bought a Cox/Sanwa 6 channel radio for it, and if memory serves me, it cost about $300, a lot for 1977. But it was a great flyer, even competed in my first pattern contest with it. So when I saw this kit for sale on RC Groups, I broke down and bought it. So this winter is my winter of nostalgia builds. I located a picture of my first Strikemaster and a handsome young man to go with so have posted that as well as the 2019 builds.
  • This should keep me busy for a while! I just acquired this partially completed kit from a fellow club member. It is all framed up, but there is still a lot of work left to complete before it is ready to fly. I am planning to use this forum on our club's website to update my progress. Here is where it begins........... I couldn't get all of the kit components in the back of my Acadia. There is a big box up in the passenger seat also! Wing panels ready for finishing details.... before covering. Fuse and tail sections are all framed up . Fiberglass cowling and windshield will be safe in the box until I get to that step. Note the date on the Instruction Manual. I wonder how much has changed since this manual was printed? There are several build threads that I am following with some updates and modifications that I think will be helpful. I'll be doing a lot of reading and research before I continue this build. Please check in here occasionally to see how it is progressing or nudge me along to get it done :-)

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